2 Pack Chemical-free Makeup Remover Face Cloths

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2 Pack Chemical-free Makeup Remover Face Cloths

Post by Mingshu on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:17 pm

I am honestly happy with the fact that I can get my face clean with just water. I hate buying different chemicals to put on my face and some of the soaps really make my face dry and sore because of the how tight it feels. With this cloth I have a nice cleanser that makes me happy to wash my face. I can get my moisturizer on and find no burns because of scratches and I save money from buying face cleaners. the super soft plushie feel of the towel feels like you are cleaning your face with a stuffed toy. really didn't want to use it at first because I was afraid of messing up the softness but it stayed. after using and cleaning it stayed the soft little toy that i had when i first opened the box. the hair ties work for all day wear or for just getting hair out of the way to get your face clean. This product was either given to me free or purchased at a substantial discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I say free or discounted because by the time I write a review I honestly have no idea what was free or not, which is why the price of the product had no influence on how the final review was written. These are the things that affect the star quality of my review:
1 did product look as expected? Yes
2. Will this work for my family? yes
3. Was it worth the original purchase price? yes
5. Is the product going to last the daily use from my family? yes
I often read the reviews of a product before I make a purchase so if like me you read this to make a decision about selecting this product, I hope this review was able to help you in making a decision on your own purchase.


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