Bluetooth Earbud DABS AUDIO S10, Mini Wireless Headset

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Bluetooth Earbud DABS AUDIO S10, Mini Wireless Headset

Post by Mingshu on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:23 pm

I was given this ear bub to test and write a review.

This ear piece fit inside the ear canal perfectly that no matter how I turned my head it did not fall out. The sound quality was that of talking into the phone itself because there was no background noise or rushing air when driving. the piece weights about 1.3 ounces so it is very light weight and is comfortable to wear all day. this is one that can be used all day because I was able to talk on it for a 2 hour call and not lose battery and I still had plenty of charge left for the rest of my day. I charge this at night before bed and I am good to go all day. Charging it is easy because there are no cords to break this has a USB plug the goes directly into the computer
and the ear bud is magnetically attracted to it. No more trying to figure out how to fit the cord of it it is secure enough. I dropped the ear bud about six inches away from the base and it still connected easily to it's cradle. This came in a small zip up case that allows you to store everything together in one place when no in use and its is a semi hard sided case that protects from being crushed.

this is a product I would buy at the full price of 40.00 because I feel it is worth it. the talk time alone saves you time and no missing a conversation because your ear piece dies.

It looked as I expected the ad was a true representation of the product So I would highly recommend this ear piece.


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